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"Don't isolate yourself” Sheldon Burrow

“Most of my life in was told 'men should not cry or show emotion, showing emotion makes you weak and a woosie', this is a common sentence amongst youth men.

And young teenagers. Growing up with anxiety and depression It took counselling sessions to break that mentality down(it was a long hard process, I won't lie). I now surround myself with people who I can be openly vulnerable and honest with and actually. I'm the most introverted extrovert guy, I love my own company (often used to hide how I felt and I'd also push people away) but now I have broken old mindsets and actually speak to a group of men (which I would really encourage you to get ) as I said earlier can be open honest and vulnerable. Being a youth leader I often see young males finding hard to express how they feel because they fear judgement it's time for young men and men to SPEAK UP without fearing judgement by society. Know that there are people out there, there are charities out there for you and to support you.

My 2 top tips.

1) Find a supportive group of men

2) Don't isolate yourself” @sheldonburrow1449

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