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Dreamweaver; "I’m sure we all go through it"

"Depression feels bad and hurts like hell. I’m sure we all go through it, some hold it in, others show it and let it out in what is seen as destructive ways. I’ve been through those dark days, weeks, months and years. I never knew what it was until it became defined. What annoyed me was that I felt like I didn’t measure up or was good enough because I was going through the dark days. The definitions thrown around are those that suggest that depression is bad and we must do everything to stop it. However what really helped me and still does, is that it’s showing me that I’m still buying into ideas about myself that don’t align with how I really know myself to be. It was during depression that I learnt how powerful I am. That I wasn’t just being stubborn for taking time off work and not taking tablets. That’s what society wants you to do or someone else want you to do, because for them you’re better off in work making money and/or doing something to benefit them stop them feeling ... their own pain. I use depression now as an opportunity to rest. To take a break from what others want me to be. To find myself underneath all the BS we’ve been told we need to do in life. It’s an opportunity for me to reclaim my power and remember that this life is mine and I can rest when I want to and also live and love the life I choose to live. I don’t have to be stuck doing something I don’t want. I can serve people in the way I’m naturally good at and gifted at and live life according to my ideals and standards. Depression is a deep rest for rediscovering yourself and your hearts desires. Be bold, be brave. Dare to fulfil your dreams!' @dreamweaveruk

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