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"Everything in life is about balance." Pav Nikolov

“The way people block their feelings is by holding their breath

Everything in life is about balance. Black and white, day and night, mind and body and so on.

Nowadays our society relies heavily on us thinking all the time. People say “we will think our way through this one”. We tend to live our lives, predominantly in our heads. A function of the left brain responsible for analytical activities. It is also where language, our internal dialogue and our Ego stems from.

By overthinking too much and using the Ego, we become self conscious and we begin to live outside of ourselves, separated from our bodies.

Ever heard the term paralysis by analysis? Or perhaps had a friend tell you "you are too much in your head!” That’s certainly been the case with me!

By overthinking we begin to experience stress, anxiety and tension which manifests in our bodies forcing us to lock up unconsciously. We become a ticking time bomb waiting to burst.

This imbalance is the reason why we are not grounded.

What is often time neglected are our body and our feelings - Our right brain responsible for feelings which doesn’t involve language or thinking.

One way to return to our bodies and balance is through the breath. Most of the times, the way we block our feelings is by holding our breath. We are about to say something, for which we think we will be judged and as a result we withhold it and tens up!

I’ve had hour long breath work sessions - guess what happened - intense feelings come up for me, suppressed emotions - anger … I cried, I screamed like a madman but I also did a tremendous amount of healing!

Breath is the doorway to feeling and healing … breath is life!”@iampavnikolov

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