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"Expression is a major step toward understanding and healing." Darren Dixon

“This is difficult to share, the topic of mental health is a subject that has influenced my life from the day I was born. Throughout my childhood days, to me working with the mental health organisation @soundmindslondon in my teens, to it being a very present aspect of my life even today.

Personally, I have had my battles, and I thank God I have been victorious! I have had a lifelong battle (to different degrees) against mental health issues in my life and can say one of the things that stand out is the word EXPRESSION.

From a male perspective, the opportunity and courage to be able to express, be it through a conversation, social media post, poem or song. Expression is a major step toward understanding and healing.

So, if you take anything from my post, don’t be afraid to EXPRESS yourself in a way which the receiver of your expression can have the opportunity to experience.” @darrenkdixon

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