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From Foxtrot; "those looking in don’t see the the young man who struggled so much with depression"

"So here’s the thing. I guess when we are challenged to consider and look at the issue around mental health it’s always someone else’s mental health we look at. This really challenges me to look back over my own life and see where I’ve struggled. Some of you have known me for many years and know what I’ve been through and despite all that generally have a chipper outlook. But those looking in don’t see the the young man who struggled so much with depression, suicidal thoughts, drinking too much and untimely the self hatred that dragged me down to the lowest point of my life. Let’s be honest it’s not the best party conversation to have with people. What I know is that there was and still is a huge stigma around our own mental health, like it makes us weak. What I know is this, if someone hadn’t reached out and asked me if I was ok and taking the step to say NO I’m not I don’t believe for one minute I’d be here today. It’s ok to not be ok. It’s ok to feel the way you do, because so many other people feel the same. Let me tell you this take that step. Just one step to look inward and say NO I’m not ok, reach out to someone and ASK for help you will be surprised how receptive your fellow humans can really be. Just last year a very old and dear friend of mine passed away in the torment of poor mental health. Today as I wrote this I think back to the day when this amazing man was the one who asked me if I was ok. If it wasn’t for him and his encouragement I would be here to remember him. Sadly he lost his battle despite the best efforts of those around him. So for him I am proud to hold this sign and say let’s get mental. I might not know you at all today but if you need someone to reach out to and say I am not ok then please reach out." @foxtrot_one_two

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