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Papa Stache; "when my beautiful wife passed away"

"My own world was absolutely shattered and my heart irrevocably broken, back in November 2015, when my beautiful wife passed away!. I went away to a very dark place for a very long time, afterwards! I honestly thought I would never get over it!. But, thankfully I did!. But i did it on my own! No help and support! Nothing! It was bloody hard! And I still disappear to that dark place for the odd day or two, every so often! I guess I might always do that!. The thing was/is, I’m of a generation (I’m 62 next month) where men never showed emotion! Never cried! Never talked about real feelings! It was unmanly! It wasn’t what a real man did!. I waited until I was alone! Or I cried myself to sleep!. Why did nobody ever say to me then, like I say to others now, “it’s ok to not be ok!”. I guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t go through things alone! You’re not weird! You’re not crazy! You’re not being less of a man! You’re just being a regular guy, with feelings! And that’s exactly perfect!. Fellas, don’t ever be afraid to admit you’re not coping! Bottling it up inside will do you no good at all!. Just remember guys - “IT’S OK TO NOT BE OK”!. OPEN UP, DON’T MAN UP!." @papa_stache_

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